The Forest City

The Forest City

When you think about how diverse our province’s flora is, it’s easy to picture forests beside big city landscapes... but is there one place where they all come together perfectly?   

We think the best example of urban and rural fusion is London - The Forest City.     

On your way to the southernmost tip of the province, you may decide that the busy, crowded 401 is beginning to lose its charm. It may be worth stepping out of the car to smell the maple trees.    

Although a short pit stop can’t do justice to the forests that surround this beautiful city, the interconnected hiking trails extending through allow you to go from one end to the other in one hike! 

In amongst the thick forest, you may see a castle tower pierce the skyline. The Middlesex College Tower has no royalty, but belongs to Western University – a name Ontarians have heard since 1878. A stroll through the campus provides a view of historic buildings with scenic courtyards and fields. 

So many achievements in science and research belong to the “Mustangs”, including the first successful test of the world’s only HIV vaccine. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country have flocked to the Ivy School of Business – one of Canada’s most esteemed MBA programs.    

There’s lots more to see passed the campus. If you visit the downtown, you will find many shops and activities -- and restaurants, to quell your hunger from all the hiking. If you visit London during the summer months, there is a good chance you may even catch one of the many festivals held in the downtown core.  

On the topic of festivals, there are so many that you couldn’t possibly attend all of them. We can say that there are two you probably won’t want to miss: the London Rib Fest (the second biggest rib fest in North America) and Trackside Music Festival (the second biggest country festival in Ontario).    

If you visit London during the winter months, an absolute must-see is a Knights game. The four-time Ontario Hockey League champs have produced some of the best-known household names in professional hockey (Patrick Kane, Corey Perry, Mitch Marner...) To miss out on a trip to Budweiser Gardens is to miss out on some of the best hockey in the province. Who knows, you may even see the next NHL superstar in the making.    

Whatever you find yourself doing in London, it won’t just be a pit stop on the 401.  

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